Think Less, Feel MORE

It is SO so easy to have that noggin of yours on overdrive....constantly.

There is an inordinate amount to think about daily, when it comes to our lives and all the stuff that get's shoved in them. Paying the gas bill, buying a new bus ticket, organizing presents for your cousins 21st, finalizing that report at work, making sure you've registered your goes on an on and on.....and on. 

Often our brains are an endless hub of activity (rather over-activity) which mean we don't really know how to switch them off, and 'feel' into things. 

Letting your brain keep it's pie-hole shut, while your heart gets to take the THAT is where it's at. 

The sacred places you shouldn't over think?  

Your purpose. Your passions. Your calling. Your worth. 

None of these things should take up hectares of brain-space, or hours of time....nor should they make you anxious, stressed or worried about the future. You see, THESE things? They're not to be thought about at all.....they are to simply be felt.

Doing what 'feels' right - is always the way to go. Saying 'yes' when you 'feel' to say 'yes'.....declining that offer when it just doesn't 'feel' like it's right for you.....releasing that relationship because you don't 'feel' like this is the right one.....these are all (and always should be) heart calls. 

Your heart knows, your gut knows, your SOUL knows......which means YOU know what is truly right for you. No one else. 

Through past experience, we've learnt that simply taking five, closing your eyes and breathing deeply (aka meditation) is the best way to 'feel' into things. Let your brain pipe-down, and your heart open up and speak to you. When you give your heart permission to speak up and you honour the art of 'feeling' your way through big decisions - the universe has a way of opening up for you. 

So whether you're looking for answers to whether or not you should take that new job, or writing never ending pro's and con's lists for changing careers, or worrying yourself sick with the very thought of launching a business.....our advice to you is this; 

Less think....more feel

Your heart already knows the way. 

Laura Parkes

She Who Is, 4A Marion Avenue, Rostrevor, SA, 5073