Your MOST Courageous Self

We want to ask you something.

Something we don't think many of us ever stop to ask ourselves very often, if at all - but its a zinger! 

"What would your most courageous self say to you now about your current actions, goals, relationships and life?" 

Woah! What a doozy. A question loaded with questions. 

We read that and thought about all the times we've doubted or questioned ourselves over the past few months, and all the times fear welled up inside us and almost kept us from taking action in my lives. Sure, there are times when fear guides the way, thankfully these are few and far between nowadays, but we know the feeling all too well. 

It's too easy to take the quickest, least painful, 'safest' and most 'I'm cruising along jussssst fine' path in life; but hey - where does THAT get you? We know where that gets you. And honey, it aint pretty. 

Choosing to stay in that zone of comfort is a whole lotta dangerous, and a WHOLE lotta 'let-down' to the incredible universe that designed you + implanted you divinely with gifts and a purpose. Choosing to stay 'safe' and 'cruisy' is's peaceful and aint no-one's boat getting rocked.....But what about all that's in you? What about the desires you have to start your own business on the side? Or finally ask for that payrise you've been busting your proverbials for? What about finally learning to say 'no' to all the things in your life that aren't currently serving you - we know that takes gusts too! What about the dreams you have to speak at a workshop? Or start a blog? Or travel overseas solo?

What about all of those wonderful, bold, adventurous and spirit-fuelled things that are sitting there, in you, dormant? To all those things we ask "What would your most courageous self say to you now?"

If your most courageous self would say 'honey, you're fine.....that job you kinda don't mind / kinda hate is paying the bills, so let's just stick with it ok' OR 'You are dominating life by staying in your hometown and doing exactly what your family expect of you, nothing exciting happens out there anyway".....then we'll be honest, your most courageous self is lacking some serious oomph!

But if your most courageous self would say 'gorgeous woman...there's so much more for you....let's go get it?....then she's spot on, and it's high time you pay her some attention. 

Your most courageous self wants to share with you......

Isn't it time you listened? 

Laura Parkes

She Who Is, 4A Marion Avenue, Rostrevor, SA, 5073