How do your boxes come wrapped, packaged? 

Our boxes come luxuriously packaged in our hard cardboard gift boxes (either white, black, or pink) with a gift ribbon and She Who Is swingtag. Inside each item is softened with both shredded card and tissue paper to ensure it arrives safely. 

I've lost my login password for my e-learning experience...help! 

You're in luck! We have a support team available at hello@shewhois.com.au ready to assist you. We aim to respond in 8 hours via email to get you re-set and ready to go. 

Can you tell me more about your events and retreats? Who will be facilitating them? What topics will you cover? 

Sure thing! Either enter your email address with the event that most resonates with you for more information, or email us directly at hello@shewhois.com.au for further information. We are SO excited to offer these game-changing experiences, and know what incredible value they'll be! 

When will you be releasing more e-learning experiences / the other topics listed on your Coming Soon page? 

Great question. We'll be unleashing these courses out into the world around the dates provided on the Coming Soon page. We're already working hard on the content to ensure you get the very best She Who Is learning experience. If there's something listed that tickles your fancy, be sure to leave your email address and let us know. 

Can I reccommend a topic for She Who Is to cover?

Well of course you can, we LOVE new ideas! We're currently working on our next five (yes....FIVE!) e-learning experiences and have so many ideas for the future, but are always wlecome to your feedback and ideas around content you'd like to see. Just flick us an email at hello@shewhois.com.au and we'll get back to you asap! 

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.
— Max Depree