It's well known that positive visualization is a game-changer.

We wholeheartedly agree so this truly amazing theme gets you exploring you - where you are at now and where you truly want to go.

Our gift boxes and e-learning experience ignite your imagination about what's possible, and awaken your awareness about what you're attracting into your life.  It's time to truly design a life you truly love!


She Who Designs A Life She Loves (Luxe)

Our largest offering around Life Design, this gift box is full of everything you need to start the gentle process of designing a life you truly love. 

$177 USD / $230 AUD

She Who Designs A Life She Loves (Mini)

Full of all the tools you'll need to guide you on the journey. Includes She Who Designs workbook, affirmation cards, quote print and access to e-learning experience. 

$112 USD / $147 AUD

         She Who Designs A Life She Loves   E- Learning Experience

Instant access to our signature e-learning experience around Life Design. Delivered straight to your inbox.

$74 USD / $97 AUD

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You are confined only by the walls you build yourself
— Unknown