E-Learning Experience


A life altering e-learning experience focused around delving deep - finding your true desires, rooting out things which block you, transforming your thinking about what’s truly possible and designing your life with purpose.  

A ‘go at your own pace’ e-learning experience, She Who Designs A Life She Loves is built for the woman who currently feels like she’s not living in alignment with the life she believes, wishes and dreams is possible for her.  She may be clear on what she wants or she may be truly frustrated that she can't really define it yet.  This course is for women who find there’s a disconnect between the present reality and their heart whispering (or yelling) that there's got to be more.

Boy, oh boy, we see that glint in your eye.

It fires up when you think about broadening your horizons, expanding your mind, traveling the globe, starting a company, asking for that promotion, or creating an impact.

You KNOW you are built for bigger, for more and for making an impact…and in order to get there – you need to know just where you’re going.

You are so sure that this year is NOT going to be just a carbon copy of the years before, and you’re determined to not let that happen….but you’re lacking in the know-how to start dreaming about a life that lights you up on the inside.  

We have designed this heart-led experience to gently lead you through how to quieten the chatter in your mind, how to hone in on your true desires (even if you have NO clue what they look like to you!) and to guide you on creating a visual representation of your dream life – (helllooooo vision board!)

We wholeheartedly believe in our ‘She Who Designs A Life She Loves’ experience and know that setting powerful intentions for your life and committing them to paper is one powerful experience.

How would it feel to start peeling back the layers of your dream life….out of your heart, and down on paper.

How would it feel to amp up your momentum with the creation of a powerful and practical visual statement of your desires so you can truly feel inspired each and every day?

How would it feel to start taking small, actionable steps toward a life that makes your heart spark, your pulse race and your mind start opening up to endless possibilities?

Above all else…..

How would it feel to live 2017 like no other? 

It’s time.  Time to stand up, and stand out in your own life…and take ownership in creating and designing a life you truly adore.

Together, we focus on gaining rock solid clarity around the life you would, should, could love, what that looks like for you, and how what you feel can guide you and propel you not hinder and frustrate you. 

You deserve so much more than the ho-hum. You deserve the "hell yeah"!

It’s your time.

The workbook was stunning! I adored the lessons, exercises and delving deeper into what I really want from my life.
— Sharn, London UK

Life Design

We have designed ‘She Who Designs A Life She Loves’ to be a ‘go at your own pace’ learning experience, though we recommend at least a few days to a week per Lesson.

You’ll receive the link to download our powerful ‘She Who Designs A Life She Loves’ workbook with four life-changing, practical and mindset-shifting lessons. (Not to mention space for you to write, plan and brainstorm away….)

Isn't it time you started living in alignment with your true self? 



  • Four in-depth lessons each with a video introduction and coursework

  • Downloadable PDF Workbook, personal assesments and printables

  • Accountability, support, motivation and camaraderie from us at She Who Is

  • LIFETIME access to this e-learning experience so you can revisit anytime you want!



We set the scene for calming your mind and letting truth bubble to the surface.  We learn to dream, focus, feel and clear out what doesn't serve you. 



We affirm our desires. We get clear on the steps.  We gain clarity, traction.       We begin the journey of moving life from heart, to head to experience. 



This is where we clear the floor, grab the scissors and spark our imagination.  We create a vision board which causes our heart to race simply by looking at all our possibilities. 



This is where we take action - wobbly and hesitant or bold and confident - we act as if these goals are already ours.  We learn to walk differently in our skin and in our world to move towards our dream life.  Sigh. 

Such a powerful, beautiful and insightful experience. To say I am excited about my future after finishing this - is an understatement!
— Caroline, South Australia

You already know if this experience is right for you….

You feel the pull, your heart's racing just that little bit faster….and your mind is just glimpsing a hazy vision of what may just be possible. You always wondered if someone felt like you did - now you know they do.   

Together let's march one foot in front of the other toward a life that lights you up on the inside…a life you TRULY love! 

“What if you wake up someday, and you’re 65...and you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big fat juicy creative life?
— Anne Lamott